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For Technical Support, Please contact the Maintenance Office at

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Convenient. IRIS is a dedicated Internet  service offered through Ithaca Renting Company.
Fast.  It offers hi-speed connections and easy hook ups. Same day activation, no appointment necessary!
Simple. You do not need rental equipment from the cable company, there is no modem to return at the end of your lease, and ordering is a simple as sending the form with your payment to the office by mail or visiting us in person!
Personal. Your tech support is handled locally, not by a corporate call center.

About the Service:
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE: Bring a completed IRIS Service Contract with your payment to the Rental Office.

You can print a contract: IRIS Contract, or pick one up at the office. Payment may be by cash or check only.

FREE TRIAL: All apartments may have IRIS activated for a short free trial at the start of the lease.

SPEED:  IRIS is a system of building wide networks with built in gigabit Ethernet cabling and a combination of wireless, copper and fiber optic backbone connections.  Traffic destined to or from the Internet passes through a dedicated fiber Internet connection from Spectrum Enterprise.  The speed of this Internet connection is 1Gbps both downstream and upstream and bandwidth is fairly divided among all active users.  There are no bandwidth or usage caps so during low use times you may get speeds well above 100Mbps but at peak times speeds will be lower.

COST:  The fee per apartment is as follows:
·        $300 for Studios and One Bedroom apartments
·        $400 for Two Bedroom apartments
·        $450 for Three Bedroom apartments
·        $500 for Four and Five Bedroom apartments
·        $600 for Six  and Eight Bedroom apartments.
·        $750 for Ten Bedroom apartments
·        $1050 for Fourteen Bedroom apartments
·        $100 for 210 Dryden Road 2nd/3rd Floor Rooms.
The term of service is from the date the fee is paid until the end date of the lease.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Any computer equipped with an Ethernet card can connect to the service.  There are no minimum system requirements, as no software is needed to connect.  You need your own straight-wired Ethernet cable (purchase at Cornell Store, Amazon, Best Buy etc), and your own router if you plan to connect wirelessly. You must encrypt your network with a password.

WI-FI: You may connect your own wireless networking equipment to any jack but you MUST secure the access point with one or more authentication or encryption method(s). Each wireless router has different instructions. Connect your router to the ethernet jack in your room. Set your computer to automatically obtain an IP address. If it is a new router, follow the directions to encrypt your connection, which is done by setting a key in the access point and each connecting device. This prevents others from using your connection. Protect your network and personal information- don’t forget to put a password on your network!  Sharing of service outside your apartment is prohibited.

ANTI-VIRUS: You are responsible for installation and updating anti-virus protection on your devices. A computer on the system that is infected with a virus can impact the entire building.

CONNECTING:  IRIS uses a DHCP server to assign all settings.  You simply need to set your computer to automatically obtain an IP address.

RESTRICTIONS: No server hosting on the network. No hacking or tampering with network equipment.  See below for specific definitions of all rules and regulations.

SUBLETS: Service will transfer to any subtenants. All tenants and subtenants are expected to follow the same terms of service.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: If you have specific questions about the service speeds, network connections, traffic to or from the Internet, duplex switches in the buildings, or usage rules, please contact Ithaca Renting Maintenance at 607-277-0179 or email

Official Rules and Regulations for all Subscribers to IRIS

All IRIS subscribers must agree to the following terms and conditions.  If you have specific questions about any of the following rules and regulations please email  Any subscriber found in violation of the following may be permanently and immediately removed from the IRIS system and prevented from accessing the Internet and other network resources.

1 Subscribers may not host a server on the network under any conditions.  A server is defined as any computer allowing unsolicited inbound connection attempt, either from the local network or Internet.  This includes Windows and Macintosh file sharing, any online gaming server, web server, FTP server, or other file server.  File and printer sharing are restricted but allowed between jacks in any given apartment.  There are no restrictions on sharing between multiple devices on a single jack provided subscriber uses compatible hub or switch.

2 IRIS subscribers may connect wireless networking equipment to any jack in their apartment but must secure the access point with one or more authentication or encryption method(s).  Acceptable methods include, but are not limited to, WEP, WPA, and Mac Address Restrictions.  Disabling SSID broadcasts (otherwise known as hiding the network name) is not an acceptable method of securing access.  Wireless availability or reliability is not guaranteed and no support is provided.  Periodic scans are conducted to detect unrestricted wireless access points.  If detected they will be tracked to the subscribers apartment and the subscriber’s access may be suspended until the access point has been secured.  Repeat violations will result in termination of the subscribers account without refund.

3 Hacking or otherwise tampering with network equipment or resources is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate termination of subscriber’s access without refund or recourse.  This includes any attempt to gain access to network devices or overload shared network resources.

4 Subscribers are required to keep active virus protection installed and updated on any device connected to IRIS, provided the device has a Windows operating system.  Firewall software, while not required, is highly recommended.  In the event that a subscriber’s computer becomes compromised by a virus or is exploited, the service to that computer will be temporarily discontinued. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to take corrective action and to notify Computer Room when the problem has been resolved.  Subscriber may not receive notification that service has been suspended.

5 If at any time a complaint is received regarding the activity of a subscriber on the internet, and such activity is found to be illegal or in violation of this agreement, or the terms of service established by Spectrum Enterprise, the subscribers access will be suspended or terminated depending on the severity of the violation.

Having trouble setting up your internet?


Here are some troubleshooting steps to try:


  1. You need your own router to connect to the Ethernet port in your wall. We recommend Belkin or Linksys You do not need a modem.
  2. Make sure you plug the Ethernet cable into the correct jack. There may be more than one jack in a room. Some are for cable TV and some are old telephone jacks. The cable should click into place and fit smoothly.
  3. To test the service, connect an Ethernet cable directly from the jack to your computer. If your computer connects via this direct link, the problem is with your own personal router, no the internet service.
  4. If you are trying to connect a Netgear or Apple brand router, it will be set to “bridge mode” by default. You need to change this setting to “DHCP mode” for your router to interface correctly with our network. Contact the router manufacturer for assistance, or try one of the recommended brand routers.
  5. If you have tried all of these steps and still don’t have internet service, please contact the Rental Office.


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