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Contact Information: collegetown@ithacarenting.com or call us at 607-272-3000

Do you have parking available?


  • For information about public parking garages and municipal parking rules, please visit the City of Ithaca website.

    What are your prices?

    Please check the PRICES pages in this web site for current pricing, or contact the Rental Office for the most current price and availability information.

    How long are your leases?

    Leases are for one year, beginning in June, July, or August.  Each apartment has a pre-set starting and ending date that cannot be changed.

    How do I pay my rent?

    You may make payments online through our Tenant Portal, or by cash, check, money order, or wire transfer.  Please contact the Rental Office for wire transfer information.   For quarterly rent payments, you may set up your checking account to make an Online Payment

    We now accept payment through ACH and Credit Card. (Visa and Mastercard) This is accessed through the Tenant Portal.  ACH is assessed a $2.95 transaction fee.  Credit  and Debit Card payments are assessed a $2.95 transaction fee, and convenience fee equal to 2.7% of the payment.  These fees are charged by the service provider and not by Ithaca Renting. Please note that American Express and Discover are not accepted by the Portal.

    How will my financial aid work with my rent payments?

    Students planning to pay for their apartments with any sort of financial aid disbursements should carefully evaluate their financial aid package and amounts to see if off-campus living is even feasible: http://www.finaid.cornell.edu/special-circumstances/living-campus. We do not offer alternate payment plans, monthly payment plans, and Cornell does not pay us directly for the apartments. Of greatest importance for students with financial aid is making sure the apartment chosen fits in your budget, making sure you never choose an apartment that starts in June, as the payment dates are earlier and do not match up with your potential financial aid disbursement, and making sure that there is a source of money available during the summer months for the first quarterly payment which will be due.

    What are your lease terms?

    Click on the Forms tab above to view our Lease Documents, including our Sample Lease and our Lease Addenda.

    What utilities are included in the rent?

    Heat and hot water are included in the rent for all of our properties. The Collegetown Center, Collegetown Plaza and Collegetown Court buildings also include trash removal. Tenants are responsible for their own electricity payments.

    Do you allow pets?

    Pets are not allowed in any Collegetown property. Please read our Service Animal Policy for service animal requirements.

    Are the apartments furnished?

    All of the Collegetown apartments are furnished.

    Can I sublet?

    Subletting is permitted; however, you must find your own subtenant and have all sublets approved by the Rental Office.  Tenants must submit a Sublet Form to the office for approval.  Only original forms are accepted.  Forms are available at the Rental Office. Please refer to our Sublet Page for additional subletting information.

    How do I move into my apartment?

    MOVE IN INFORMATION for new tenants

    How do I move out of my apartment?

    MOVE OUT INFORMATION for current tenants

    How do we rent an apartment from you?

    To secure the apartment of your choice, a non-refundable payment of one month’s rent per person and sign the lease is required. Read How to Rent an Apartment for additional information.

    What type of internet is available?

    Please refer to our internet page for information about IRIS (Ithaca Renting Internet Service).

    Additionally, every property is wired for phone & cable.  Please contact our local cable company, Spectrum Cable, for information about cable and internet service.

    I am having trouble connecting to your Internet. Can you help?

    Here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

    1. You need your own router to connect to the Ethernet port in your wall. We recommend a better quality router that is compatible with the newest standard WiFi 6. You do not need a modem.
    2. Make sure you plug the Ethernet cable into the correct jack. There may be more than one jack in a room. Some are for cable TV and some are old telephone jacks. The cable should click into place and fit smoothly. In Collegetown Center, there is typically a small sticker with a number next to the Ethernet port.
    3. To test the service, connect an Ethernet cable directly from the jack to your computer. If your computer connects via this direct link, the problem is with your own personal router, no the internet service. The internet provided is a fast, reliable, hard-wired service. Any problems with service are typically related to router issues.
    4. If you have tried all of these steps and still don’t have internet service, please contact the Rental Office.


    How do I get Renter’s Insurance? Why do I need it?

    Renter’s Insurance is required by the terms of your lease. The building insurance does not cover any personal items belonging to any tenants. If there were water damage, smoke/fire damage, theft, or if a guest injured himself in your apartment,  renter’s insurance would help to cover any damages.

    There are numerous ways to secure renter’s insurance. If your parents own a home in the United States, first see if you can be added on to their homeowner’s insurance policy. While you may have been covered under your parent’s homeowner’s insurance while you were living in a dorm, once you move to any off-campus apartment that coverage typically ends.
    If you own a car, contact your auto insurance company to see if they offer renter’s insurance and if there is a discount for having both auto and renter’s insurance with them.
    You can search for ‘renter’s insurance Ithaca NY’ to see a list of local insurance agencies or even just ‘renter’s insurance’ for a broad range of companies.

    When you are ready to get a quote for your renter’s insurance, you will need to know some basic information about your apartment including your address, approximate age of your building, size of your apartment, number of bathrooms. Your insurance company may have some more specific questions, so please contact the office with a list of questions if you need assistance. You will also need to estimate the value of your possessions. This is probably much higher than you think! There are several charts of personal property calculators that you can use to help determine your own estimate.
    Here are some articles for further reference:
    The Basics of Renter’s Insurance     Renters Insurance FAQ

    Do you have address listings for local destinations?

    Yes.  We have compiled the following list of commonly-requested local destinations, so you can type the specific address into your mobile device and get directions.

    Ithaca Renting Company Office 119 Dryden Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Collegetown Center 151 Dryden Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Collegetown Plaza 111 Dryden Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Collegetown Court 208 Dryden Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Ithaca Airport 72 Brown Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Dept. of Motor Vehicles 301 Third Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Bus Station 701 West State Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Syracuse Airport 1000 Col Eileen Collins Blvd, Syracuse NY 13212
    Shops at Ithaca Mall 40 Catherwood Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Commons/Parking Garage 221 South Cayuga Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Wegmans 500 South Meadow Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Lowe’s 734 South Meadow Street, Ithaca NY 148850
    Wal-Mart 744 South Meadow Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Farmer’s Market Steamboat Landing or 516 Third Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Destiny USA 9090 Destiny USA Drive, Syracuse NY 13290
    Cayuga Medical Center 101 Dates Drive, Ithaca NY 14850
    City Hall 108 East Green Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Spectrum Cable 742 South Meadow Dr, Ithaca NY 14850
    Main Post Office 757 Warren Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Downtown Post Office 213 North Tioga Street, Ithaca NY 14850
    Salvation Army-donations/thrift 381 Elmira Road, Ithaca NY 14850
    Recycling Center 122 Commercial Ave, Ithaca NY 14850
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