Please note:  Tours always meet at the Rental Office! We are located at 119 Dryden Road.

2020-2021 TOURS

June 5, 2020: Limited in-person apartment tours are NOW AVAILABLE!!

Please browse our extensive photo galleries for each apartment. Please call or email us for more information about any property.

We are still leasing apartments for 2020-21!!

Single RoomsStudios
& 1 Bedrooms
5 Bedrooms6 BedroomsLarger Units
Single rooms at 210 Dryden,
Plaza 6 bedroom and Aces 6 bedroom
Studios in Center, Plaza, and Court
CourtPlaza and 426 Eddy
214 Dryden
(14 bed house)

Limited in-person apartment tours are NOW AVAILABLE!!

Please call or email to schedule a tour time. Tours are currently limited to vacant units, and we are able to take one person at a time.

We are happy to help you choose an apartment for 2020-2021, and leases can be completed by email.

Call our office at 607-272-3000 for tour appointments!


2021-2022 Apartment tours will begin August 2020! Please check back soon for more information!

You MUST meet at the office and sign in for the tour!! 

Don’t see the tour you are looking for? Call the office at 607-272-3000 to request one!

We are limited in the number of times we can visit occupied apartments, but we will do our best to accommodate your request!!


     1.   NO FOOD OR DRINK.

     2.   TOURS MEET AT THE RENTAL OFFICE. DO NOT go directly to the property. 

     3.   TOURS LEAVE PROMPTLY AT THE APPOINTED TIME. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

     4.   EVERY PERSON MUST SIGN IN AT THE RENTAL OFFICE.  You may only sign in yourself – you cannot sign in your friends.

     5.   NO PHOTOS!!  These apartments are occupied.


     7.   BE RESPECTFUL.  Do not sit on the furniture or touch any personal belongings.



Want to see an Ithaca Renting Company apartment? Here are our showing policies:

OPEN TOURS: Many tours are scheduled during the week for our available apartment choices.  We will post the tour times online, and any or all members of your group may attend the tours. Tours will always meet at the Rental Office (119 Dryden Road) and leave from the office.

Tours leave promptly! It is not possible to join a tour once it has left our office. If you arrive after the scheduled tour time, you will miss it! You will need to come back for a future tour.

On the tour, you will see one sample apartment in the building listed.  Tours will only go to a predetermined apartment size at that time- so if you are on a Court & Plaza 4 Bedroom Tour, the only apartments you will see are a Court 4 Bedroom and a Plaza 4 Bedroom – not any other 4 bedrooms in different buildings, and not any other size apartments in Collegetown Court or Plaza. We rotate through available apartments and the exact floor and model of apartment that we visit will vary.  If you are interested in seeing a different size or model apartment, you may come to any other tour. You are not limited in the number of tours you may join, and your whole group is not required to be present. When we have more than one available floor plan or apartment, you may choose to rent any of them.  You can make your rental decision based on floor plans, and you can even attend more than one tour, since we do rotate through the apartments that are still available for rent.  However, we will not go to two different models of the same apartment in the same building on one tour.  This policy is a courtesy to our current tenants who live in these apartments.

Note: If the apartment size you are interested in is not listed on this week’s tour schedule, please call or visit the Rental Office to inquire about adding it to an upcoming tour schedule.

No photos!  While you are welcome to send a group representative on a tour if your whole group is unable to attend, we do not allow photography inside occupied apartments.  The apartments that we visit are people’s homes, and we will not allow photos to be taken (even by your cell phones) of other people’s personal belongings.

No food or drink!  Each tour is less than 20 minutes.  Please do not stop and grab a drink or lunch on your way to the tour.  We do not allow food and beverages to be brought into our tenant’s homes.

Remember, you are entering occupied apartments.  Please be respectful.  Tenants may be home sleeping or studying during our tour and they appreciate your courtesy.

  • Aces
  • Court
  • Plaza
  • Center