2024-25 TOURS

Collegetown Video Tours! Visit an apartment from the comfort of your home!

We have over 150 unique apartment tours posted online right now! YouTube Video Tours are available for most apartments.

Visit the Ithaca Renting YouTube channel and click on Playlists to easily find videos in all of our building and size categories.

Over 60 new video tours were created this summer, and will be posted soon! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see the new video drops!


Interested in an IN PERSON TOUR?

All of our apartments are currently occupied by student residents, so we are not able to go into an apartment without prior notice. Each week, we select several sizes and styles of apartments that we will visit. We’ll post the tour schedule here, usually by Monday for the upcoming week. Tours will occur in the afternoon, usually on Wednesdays, Thursday and  Fridays.   

We know that a limited tour schedule like this can makes it harder for you while you are shopping for apartments, however we hope that you appreciate our approach as future tenants! We are aware that other landlords drop in to apartments repeatedly, sometimes on a daily basis, with no prior notice and we find this practice to be unacceptable. The students who live in the apartments now are busy just like you, and we respect their privacy. It’s definitely hard to find the balance between taking every prospective renter like you to every apartment you many want to visit, while maintaining a stress-free environment for our current residents. We hope that you will take some time to see the Video Tours, which can help you narrow down your selections before you visit an apartment in person! Please see below for more information about tours. 

TOUR SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 2-9 New Weekly Schedules posted on Monday


STUDIOS Collegetown Center THURSDAY October 5, 3:00 pm,  MEET AT THE OFFICE!  

STUDIOS Collegetown Center FRIDAY  October 6, 3:00 pm,  MEET AT THE OFFICE!  


1 BEDROOMS- none this week


2 BEDROOMS Collegetown Center   WEDNESDAY October 4 at  4 :00 pm    MEET AT THE OFFICE!       


3 BEDROOMS Collegetown Court   please call office, / MEET AT THE OFFICE!  


4 BEDROOMS  Collegetown Court please call office, MEET AT THE OFFICE!  


5 BEDROOMS Collegetown Court please call office MEET AT THE OFFICE! 


6 BEDROOMS Collegetown Plaza   THURSDAY October 5 at 4:00  pm,  MEET AT THE OFFICE!  


8-10-14 BEDROOMS – none this week- call the office for more info





           Meet at the Rental Office for the tour you have registered for. Do not meet at the building!

 Everyone must sign in, with your name, your netID and your phone number.

Expect tours to be short! People live in these apartments. It’s not reasonable for us to stay in apartments for a long time. We go to the building, and then briefly look at the apartment. For a more extended viewing of any apartment, watch the video tours!

Photos are not allowed on tours. People live in these apartments, so it’s not OK to take photos or video of people’s personal items.

Food or drink are not allowed on tours. People live there, plan to get your drinks and snacks in C-town after the tour, not before!

           After the tour, you can come back to the office and we can answer any questions or help you get ready to secure an apartment.

Tours rotate through the available apartments, so you may see a different model or layout that the apartment you are trying to select. This is OK!




Video Tours are still  the BEST way to view apartments. We have tours for every style of apartment on our YouTube Channel. If you are looking for a particular video tour please let us know, we can help! There are also tours to help guide you in your selection and videos that go over the buildings, and the parking lots. We have so many video tours for you to view online so you can gather information at your own pace.

In most cases, you CAN see the apartment that you have rented as part of the final leasing process! We’re not trying to keep you out of the apartments entirely, we are just trying to limit the number of visits that we make to the apartments right now. Check with the rental office to schedule your visit to your RENTED apartment when you turn in your lease documents.

You can always watch the video tours on our YouTube Channel!

 The most common thing we hear from students when they see an apartment is ‘Oh, it looks just like the video’. That’s the point of the videos! We have made every effort to provide informative and accurate videos to help you select your apartment. These tools are there for you to use.

Remember, people live in these apartments, and you are not the only people trying to rent right now. We respect our residents, and it’s not OK for us to go in to apartments repeatedly. We often have multiple requests from different groups to see the exact same apartment on different days, and even different times on the same day. You wouldn’t want us to bring 8 groups to your apartment over 4 days, right? We want you to see apartments, and we do understand that it is frustrating for you to be faced with such restrictive rules as we gradually re-start in person tours, but there are people living there, and our tenant’s privacy is important.



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