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Lease Documents:

2024-2025 SAMPLE LEASE

2024-2025 Landlord’s Rules for Tenants Lease Addendum

2023-2024 Landlord’s Rules for Tenants Lease Addendum



     Lease Addenda:

2024-25 Lease Commitment Form

In order to secure an apartment, a payment of one month of rent is required from each Tenant. All apartments are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. When a group is ready to secure an apartment, they may submit a signed Lease Commitment Form with their payment as a formal commitment to the apartment until the actual lease signing takes place. Lease signings are done by appointment, and each appointment takes approximately one hour and requires the entire group to be present. This Lease Commitment is helpful because it often takes a few days to coordinate a time for the entire group and the leasing agent to complete the full lease together. All payments are non-refundable, and the full lease must be signed within one week of receipt of the Lease Commitment Form and Payment A.

Group Lease Room & Rent Assignments

For Group Apartments (2 or more bedrooms), each member of the group is required to choose his or her individual bedroom and determine any proration of rent at the lease signing. All rooms have individual locks, and Ithaca Renting Company will bill each Tenant for his or her specifically prorated quarterly rent amount. If Tenants choose not to prorate the rent amounts, then each Tenant is automatically billed equally.

Lease Guarantee

The Lease Guaranty form must be completed by each Tenant’s parent or legal guardian. This form is included in the scanned lease copy that gets emailed to every Tenant. A completed Lease Guaranty is required for all graduate and undergraduate Tenants, regardless of age or other status. Ithaca Renting does not require or perform other reference or credit checks. Each student Tenant must fulfill this lease obligation. There are no exceptions.

NYSEG Electric Service Request Form

In order to facilitate Electricity Service in each apartment, Ithaca Renting will submit a completed New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) Service Request Form to the utility provider on behalf of the Tenant. Once the service is set up, Tenants may manage their accounts online, including bill payments. Tenants are required to keep the electricity service turned on for the entire term of the Lease. Power may not be shut off during Winter or Summer Breaks.

Contract for Ithaca Renting Internet Service

All Collegetown properties have access to IRIS (Ithaca Renting Internet Service). Additional fees apply. This optional high-speed Internet service contract requires subscribers to follow specific End-User regulations, including but not limited to the following: no illegal activity, no server hosting, requiring virus protection, and securing the access point of any wireless equipment. Tenants provide their own wi-fi routers.

Resident Information Form

All Ithaca Renting Company Tenants are required to fill out this form with current and permanent address information, parent and emergency contact information, and a short marketing section.

Lead Based Paint Addendum

As required by federal regulations, all properties built before 1978 will have a Lead-Based Paint Addendum. Collegetown Center, Collegetown Plaza, and Court were all built after 1978 and do not require this form.

W9 Form OR W8 Form

Your Damage Deposit will be held in an Escrow Account at a local bank. In order to deposit your Damage Deposit payment, the bank requires a completed W-9 Form (for Tenants with a permanent home address in the U.S.) or W-8BEN Form (for non-U.S. residents, or Tenants with an international permanent home address). This form does require the Tenant’s Social Security Number. For non-U.S. residents: Please inform the Rental Office if you were not issued a Social Security Number.

Sublet Request Form      Important information about subletting

Tenants are permitted to sublet their apartments for a minimum full term (Summer, Fall, or Spring) during the Lease, with a maximum of one sublet approved per term per tenant, pending agreement by all other named Tenants on the Lease and approval from the Rental Office. Subletting is always done at the Tenant’s own risk. Subletting does not relieve the Tenant of any Lease obligations.

Lease Assignment Form

If a Tenant named on a Lease wishes to be removed from the Lease, a replacement may be chosen by that group for the entire Lease, provided that all other Tenants named on the Lease agree to the replacement tenant. This form is signed by all original Tenants to give their consent. Once approved by the Rental Office, the replacement Tenant is added to the Lease, and the original Tenant is removed from the Lease, releasing the original Tenant from all obligations to the original Lease.
There is an exception to the ability of a group to request a Lease Assignment. In the case of a Renewal Lease or any other Lease where there is one Tenant named on the Lease who made that group eligible for any special treatment, such as a priority for choosing the apartment over other groups, that Tenant may not under any circumstances request to be removed from the group by a Lease Assignment.

New York State Notifications and Documents:

Collegetown Sprinkler Disclosures and Certificates of Compliance

Tenants’ Rights to Reasonable Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities


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