Sublet Information: Any sublet is at your own risk.  The Landlord does not assume responsibility for any problems that may occur during or as a result of your sublet.  For summer sublets especially: be sure that you are careful in evaluating the benefits and risks of subletting your apartment before you sublet!  We do not allow subletting to anyone other than Cornell students.

Sublease Agreement Form


 You are responsible for finding your own Subtenant. Ithaca Renting does not provide sublet listings. Each Tenant is responsible for setting a price and negotiating the sublet details.

You may sublet for any full academic term during your lease-summer, spring or fall semester. We do not allow Graduation Weekend,  Winter Break sublets, or multiple summer sublets.



LIST YOUR SUBLET  in as many locations as possible, including the current student favorite site CornletCornell Off Campus Living or their Off Campus Housing Office. There are also several groups on Facebook that you can join if you search Cornell Housing there.  You should also tell your friends that you are looking for a Subtenant and post to all your e-mail lists or groups. If you can find someone through your own networks, this is the best option!

You can try , but be aware that Craig’s List is known for scams- please verify that your potential sublet is a Cornell Student by looking up their Cornell e-mail address in the Cornell Directory, and do not respond to messages that seem fake or ask you to deposit a check and send some money back to the sender. These are scams. If you can’t tell if something is a scam, let us know so that we can help research it for you. Really, getting the netID from someone will eliminate most of the scams entirely.

Always list the correct starting and ending dates for the sublet (extensions past your lease end date or early entry are not permitted).

List the price clearly, as well as any conditions for your sublet and always disclose if there are roommates.

Add Photos, or video. If you live there, take photos of your apartment now! If you haven’t moved in yet, you may use our photos from the website or videos from YouTube.

Add details to your listing. A listing with good photos, descriptions and positive wording will attract more attention than a generic ‘studio for summer sublet’ listing without supporting details.

Be sure that your phone number and e-mail are listed correctly and leave an appropriate message on your voice mail.

Remember that you are engaging in a potential business deal with the subtenant. Keep your listing active to receive more inquiries until a sublet is approved. Refrain from using terms like ‘rent negotiable’ or ‘make me an offer’ as those lead to very poor offers. Be polite and direct with your interactions.

If you are feeling pressured or uncomfortable by a potential subtenant, this is often an indication that this particular sublet may not be the best choice for you. It’s OK to move on to other potential subtenants.  Just because someone asks about your apartment does not mean that you are required to sublet to that person.

Ithaca Renting cannot make any predictions for the amount that you will receive for a sublet or when you will find a sublet, but we estimate that a summer sublet will range from 1/2 to 2/3 of your monthly rent. Typically a fall or spring semester sublet pays 5 months of rent at your full rent price. Summer sublet prices vary greatly. The best time to start trying to find a summer sublet is right after spring break for that summer. For school year sublets, you should list your availability as soon as you know you need a sublet. There are generally more Spring sublets available than Fall sublets due to current patterns for students studying abroad.

Incoming Tenants: we are not able to assist with apartment showings. Floor plans and some photos can be found on this web site, and we encourage you to link to any of our pages or photos in your sublet listings.

AirBNB and short term sublets are NOT PERMITTED.

Your sublet should be a Cornell Student. We will also approve summer sublets who are Graduate Students at other universities. We will not approve: Ithaca College Students, High School Students or non-students. We will not approve any sublet from a person that we believe may be a risk to you. Our strict rules are in order to protect your Damage Deposit and good standing as a Tenant. A bad sublet reflects on your lease record.

Each Tenant may sublet his or her own room only. Please discuss any sublet possibilities with your roommates and take their wishes into consideration before formalizing any agreements. All Tenants named on the lease will have to give their consent in writing on the sublet form for any potential sublet.

The Tenant’s Damage Deposit will remain in effect for the entire term of the lease, and the Tenant is responsible for securing a Damage Deposit from the Subtenant. You are ultimately responsible for any physical or financial damages that your Subtenant may cause. The Tenant assumes all risk for the actions of the Subtenant, so it is important to conduct your sublet as a business transaction and not a casual agreement.

A parent guarantor is required to sign for each subtenant.

The Tenant and Subtenant are responsible for arranging the specifics of the sublet:  rent and payment terms for the sublet, key pickup and return, utility payments and other details.

Ithaca Renting Company does not provide any cleaning services between sublets.  Once your lease starts, the upkeep of your apartment is your responsibility. You need to discuss cleaning ahead of time with your subtenants. Everyone’s expectations vary and you need to have a plan ahead of time to avoid any potential disappointments.

Subtenants are not permitted to re-sublet their room or apartment. Only Tenants may sublet.

Subtenants are required to follow all lease rules. No smoking, no pets are allowed in any Ithaca Renting apartment.  Not even for a visit!

You may not exceed the maximum number of tenants allowed in your apartment for a sublet. Studio and one bedroom apartments are for one person only. This is strictly enforced. Each bedroom is for one person only. For example, a two bedroom apartment may have a maximum of two people living in it at any time. This may be 2 tenants, 2 subtenants, or 1 tenant and 1 subtenant.

You are responsible for transferring keys to your subtenant. If the subtenant is the first person to move in to the apartment, they may pick up keys at the office, during office hours only. No nights, weekends, or after hours pickups. If you are moving out of the apartment, you should arrange to hand the keys directly to the subtenant. Spare or extra keys will not be issued from the office.


1.      Please use the Sublease Agreement Form. You can find this in the FORMS section. Paper versions of the forms are also available at the Rental Office.


2.    Complete the form that outlines the full details of the sublet, including price, dates, payments, damage deposit, and approval of any roommates named on the lease. Each subtenant will be required to have a parent or guardian sign the form as well. Typed signatures are not accepted- they must be written or drawn.  Subtenants must also complete an information form and submit a copy of their photo ID.

3.      Group apartments: all roommates will need to consent to the sublet in writing on the Sublet Consent Form.

4.      We will authorize your sublet only if all details of your lease are followed: all rents paid, all signatures required on file and all parents’ Lease Guarantees received. This means if you have an outstanding rent payment or other form, your sublet will not be approved.

5.      Ithaca Renting Company may refuse to authorize your sublet if we are able to determine that the sublet is a potential risk to you the tenant. Permission to sublet will not be unreasonably withheld.

6. Pay the Sublet Authorization Fee in person or on the Tenant Portal.


We want you to get the best possible sublet for your apartment. The Sublease Agreement is strict in order to protect the tenant and to help make sure that you have considered many of the most  important considerations regarding your sublet. Please let us know if you have questions as you are going through the Sublet process! 

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