Tenant Move-in Information

Welcome Tenants!

Please check your lease for the start date of your lease.
Reminder- please be sure your parents have returned their signed Lease Guarantee that was issued with your lease. If you need this sent to you by e-mail, please contact the Rental Office. NO keys will be issued to any tenant of an apartment if there are outstanding Lease Guarantee forms or payments due from any Tenant.


The Rental Office is typically open for Key Pick Ups during regular hours:
Monday-Friday  10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday Varies by week: CLOSED EXCEPT Aug 13th and Aug 20th – we will be OPEN 10am to 4pm


Summer Office Hours may vary!

Please check our web site or call our office to confirm our hours prior to your arrival.

2022 Summer Holidays:
Memorial Day (Saturday, May 28 through Monday, May 30)  Closed.
Independence Day (Saturday, July 2 through Monday, July 4) Closed.


You must show an ID to receive your keys. A Cornell ID is acceptable.
You may pick up keys for any roommate. The first roommate to arrive may pick up keys for your entire group.
Please contact your roommates and pick up keys for anyone who may be arriving late or on a weekend.


In Person Key Pick Up. All Keys should be picked up in person at the Rental Office by the original Tenant, a roommate named on the lease, or the official Subtenant. When this is not possible, the following options may be possible, depending on the situation:

Key Pick-up Authorization. A Tenant or official Subtenant may designate a friend to pick up their keys at the Rental Office during regular office hours. Please contact the Rental Office to authorize a friend to pick up keys.

Late Arrival Request. Limited availability. Original Tenants only. A Tenant may request that the keys be left at the Center Front desk for an after hours arrival (Monday, Thursday, Friday until 11 pm, Saturday & Sunday noon-8 pm). It is the responsibility of the Tenant to contact the rental office prior to the day of arrival to confirm their approximate arrival time. This key pick up option is for original Tenants only. A friend or subtenant may not pick up keys other than at the Rental Office during regular office hours. Contact the Rental Office to arrange a late arrival key pick up. Please note that the Center Front Desk may have limited hours during the summer.

Key Shipment Request. Not recommended, but final available option: Original Tenants only. Tenants may arrange for the keys be shipped at their own expense by providing a pre-paid shipping label. You will create the shipment, and email us the shipping label for your keys, which we will ship using your pre-paid shipping label. This option is for original Tenants only. Please note that US Priority Mail is the least expensive method to ship, but delivery time is not guaranteed.  You should always choose a delivery method that will guarantee your keys to arrive at least 2 days before you travel to Ithaca, in case of any problems with the shipment. Only choose this method if you are able to completely follow the directions below, and if you are unable to make other key pick up arrangements.

Directions for you to create a shipment:
Choose your shipper:  Post Office at www.usps.com, Fed Ex at www.fedex.com, or UPS at www.ups.com (recommended shipper).  All shippers give you options to compare prices and delivery times.
Log in or create an account.
Create your shipping label: USPS>Ship a Package>Print a Label with Postage or FedEx and UPS> Create a Shipment>
You will need to enter the following information to create your shipment:
Delivery Address- this is your address, or the address that you will have the keys shipped to.
Return or Ship From Address- this is the address of the Rental Office, as we are the ones who will ship the package. This address is: Ithaca Renting Company, 119 Dryden Road, Ithaca, NY 14850, telephone 607-272-3000.
Choose the speed of the shipment. For USPS, you must choose either Priority Mail or Express Mail. Do not choose First Class Mail. For UPS, Ground Shipments are the least expensive method.
Enter the size and value of the shipment: SIZE: 11″ x 13″ x 1″  WEIGHT: 1.00 lb  VALUE: $100
When the shipment is created, you must e-mail the shipping label to us at Collegetown@ithacarenting.com with your name, apartment number, and the latest date that you will be at the delivery address before you leave for Ithaca. We have daily pickups for UPS and USPS here at the office, but your shipping label must be received by 4 p.m. on the day before your key shipment is to be made in order for us to prepare your key shipment. You will need to schedule your own pick up for a Fed Ex package. You will also take full responsibility for any lost or misdirected keys (lost key fee: $120).

Special Note for Sublets: For Subtenants moving into apartments with August-Ending Leases (where the person you are subletting from is living there before the subtenant moves in), you are expected to transfer keys on your own. For Subtenants who are the first person moving into an apartment, you are expected to collect the keys in person at the rental office. The reason that we require this is to make sure that we can meet the new Subtenants and discuss the move-in responsibilities with them. The first people to move in to apartments are responsible for move-in inspections and photos, even if they are Subtenants. This is an important consideration for Tenants, as a Subtenant who does not return the Inspection Form and photos could put the original Tenant at risk to charges against the Damage Deposit.

And one final note about keys: never send keys in a regular envelope though the regular mail. These envelopes get caught in the sorting machines and either get lost entirely or even arrive with a huge tear and the keys missing. Keys should only be sent in a padded envelope or small box.

Moving In:

You may move in any time after your lease begins; you are not required to arrive on the start date of your lease.
Due to the huge volume of apartments and houses that we clean and work in during the short period that apartments are vacant, you will not be able to ship items, move in, or store any items in your apartment early.

Parking for Move-Ins:
Street parking is available. Please park at any legal metered space on the street.
Parking meters require payment on weekdays until 6:00 pm, but are free on evenings and weekends.
Please observe all posted signs regarding truck loading zones and no parking areas. We expect all parking regulations to be fully enforced by the City of Ithaca. This means you may receive a ticket if you are double-parked, illegally parked in a truck-loading zone or any no-parking zone or if your meter has expired.
Do not park in any fire lanes, handicapped spaces, or behind any buildings in the parking lots.
The parking lot spaces are rented and not available for your use during move-in, or at any time during the year.
Please contact the Rental Office if you would like to rent a space for the year.

A limited number of small moving carts are available through the Rental Office, the Collegetown Plaza Maintenance Office (Plaza # 5C), from the Collegetown Center Front Desk, and from the Collegetown Court lobby. These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and availability is not guaranteed. Please return all carts promptly so that others may use them as well.

Apartment Inspection and Maintenance Requests:
Each Tenant will receive a Tenant Information Sheet and Move-In Inspection Form with the keys.
Please fill out and return the Inspection Form to the Rental Office within 5 days of occupying the apartment.
You are responsible for taking photos of your apartment on your arrival. Please bring a camera and a CD or DVD to submit your photos with your Inspection Form. You may submit photos on a CD, DVD, USB thumb drive, prints, or just printed on regular paper. These will not be returned. DO NOT EMAIL PHOTOS. They are kept by the Rental Office with your Inspection Form as part of your official record of the condition of the apartment upon your arrival. The photos and form are important. If you do not turn in photos and a completed Inspection Form, you are completely responsible for any pre-existing damage to the apartment, even if it was there upon your arrival! It is your responsibility to protect your Damage Deposit!

You may put your inspection form and photos through our Front Door Mail Drop Slot if the office is closed. Be sure your Form is completely filled out and your CD or other media is labeled with your name and apartment number.

Please add any general maintenance requests to this form, and if there are any emergency maintenance items, please contact the Maintenance department at the telephone numbers listed on your Tenant Info Sheet.


All apartments are furnished. You may move the furniture around within the apartment. Furniture removal is not permitted, please plan to use the furniture that is provided in the apartment. You can watch the video tours and view photos to see some samples of the furniture styles provided in the apartments.

All bedrooms are furnished with a regular full size bed and box spring with a short metal frame, a bookshelf, desk & chair, and dresser. Windows will have privacy mini-blinds. You provide your own bed linens, including sheets, pillows and blankets. The sheet size for the beds is called FULL.  Twin sheets will be too small, and while Queen size sheets will be too large, you can still use them if you don’t mind a very loose fit. You should order a complete set that includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase. You are responsible for providing and using a fully enclosed, zippered mattress cover for both the mattress and box spring.  Some students find that they like a mattress topper for the beds.

Living areas for all apartments will have a small dining set.

1 Bedroom and larger apartments that have a living room will have assorted living room items, which will typically include some combination of a 3 person couch, a 1 person armchair, and 1-2 low tables (coffee table/end table).

Kitchen areas include a refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, sink and cabinets.  Dishwashers are in all Collegetown Center Apartments, and all 2 BR and larger apartments in other locations, and select studio and 1 BRs in other buildings.  Studios in Court and Floors 2-7 of Plaza do not have dishwashers,

Personal items, towels, bed linens, trash cans, toasters, small appliances, and reading or desk lamps are not provided.  Cleaning supplies for your general use are not provided.

Mattress Covers:

You are required to purchase your own fully-encasing zippered mattress cover for the full size mattress that is provided in the apartment for each tenant.

Internet, Electricity, Cable TV:

  • Electricity will be turned on for you, and bills will come in the mail to you each month. You will need to pay NYSEG, the electricity service provider, directly. We recommend that you set up on-line billing directly with NYSEG once you have an account number at www.nyseg.com
  • IRIS Ithaca Renting Internet Service will be turned on in all apartments for a brief trial period. You may order this service directly from the Rental Office.
  • For information on Cable TV and land-line telephones, please contact Spectrum or Verizon. You are responsible for returning any equipment to Spectrum or Verzon when you discontinue service to them. They do not come to collect your cable boxes or modem, and charge a large replacement fee for non-returned equipment.
  • Satellite TV (DishNetwork, DirectTV) is not permitted. Attaching things to the exterior of the buildings is prohibited.


Usually, boxes, packages parcels, deliveries and other items that require a signature arrive directly at our rental office, since the delivery drivers are informed to bring them to our central location.  Once they have arrived at our office, we will log in the items and notify you by e-mail that you have an item to collect. Please come to pick up your item that day if possible. Any roommate may collect your package for you.

For Shipping and Ordering: Please use your name and complete street address including your apartment number. Packages must be addressed to you, the tenant. Packages that are not addressed to a registered tenant will be returned to sender marked as ‘unknown’. You may not have friends use your address for shipping purposes.

Do not have any boxes shipped to your apartment or our office before your lease starts.

We receive approximately 50-100 packages each day for our tenants, and we have limited space to hold your items.

Collegetown Center Tenants should collect their packages from their lobby front desk.

Renter’s Insurance:

It is the Tenant’s responsibility to secure Renter’s Insurance. It is required for your lease. You may contact your or your family’s Auto or Homeowner’s Insurance company for more information, or search for ‘Renter’s Insurance + Ithaca, NY’ in any search engine.



Summer Dates are important if you are planning to Sublet your apartment! It is your responsibility to confirm your lease dates and offer correct information to any potential Subtenants in your Sublet negotiations. You are not permitted to stay longer than your stated lease end date at 10:00 am of that day, and you may not move items into your apartment before your stated lease start date at noon.

Please check the University Academic Calendar for dates of classes. http://www.cornell.edu/academics/calendar/

Commencement is typically held the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.
There are typically Three-Week, Eight-Week and Six-Week Summer Sessions.

The New York State Bar Exam is typically the last Tuesday and Wednesday of July. JD & LLM students should plan accordingly when choosing an apartment or sublet!

International Students in various programs such as LLM and MBA may need to arrive in Ithaca early for special orientation sessions. Please contact your registrar before choosing an apartment or sublet to make sure you have enough time to move in to your apartment!
LEASE DATES- Please check your lease for your specific starting and ending dates.


Monday-Friday:        10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturdays:                 Varies by week

Sunday:                     Closed.

** Please check our web site or call our office to confirm our hours prior to your arrival.

Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday through Monday )  Closed.

Independence Day (July 4) Closed.

Labor Day (1st Monday of September) Closed


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