How to Rent An Apartment

READ the Sample Lease. Available online: SAMPLE LEASE.

CONFIRM your apartment plans with your parents. They also need to read the Sample Lease. Your parents are required to guarantee your signed lease. Please let us know if your parents are unable to access the internet.

ASK any questions that you may have about the lease, dates, apartments, etc.

CHOOSE an apartment. You may come to the tours held by the Rental Office, visit a friend’s apartment, or choose your apartment based on your online photo galleries.

PAY one month of rent per person to secure your apartment. At least one member of the group must be present to put down all of the money and secure an apartment. You may pay with cash, check, or money order. Credit or Debit Cards are not accepted for initial payments. It is preferable if everyone is together, but not required. One person can cover the payment for another member of the group, as long as a total of one month of rent for the whole apartment is paid upon signing.

COMMIT to the apartment by signing the ‘Commitment to Sign Lease’ form. This outlines our contract with you before we complete the full lease. The actual lease signing will occur within 7 days of steps 5 & 6. The commitment form will ask you to verify that you have shared the information about the apartment and the Sample Lease with your parents, who will be required to guarantee your rent and damage charges after you sign the lease.

CONFIRM an appointment time to sign your full lease. ease signing appointment generally take one hour. Please schedule your appointment in advance, and be aware that your first choice of appointment time may not be available. It is your responsibility to find a time that your group can come together during office hours to sign your lease. Late afternoon appointment times fill quickly. Please have more than one option available when you set your appointment. Every member of your group needs to be present for the entire appointment, and you must have your rooms picked out when you come to the lease signing appointment.

SIGN your lease at your lease appointment by the date stated on your Commitment to Sign Lease form. If you do not sign the full lease, you risk losing the apartment and forfeiting your ‘Payment A’.

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