PARKING PRICES for 2019-20

Updated January 14, 2019

Spaces must be chosen in person. Parking Sample Lease



Annual Price

College Avenue Lot

318 College Ave

Enter under the yellow posts

All spaces uncovered

Dryden Road Upper Lot

151 Dryden Road

Behind Collegetown Center

Enter at 119 Dryden Road, between Rental Office & Collegetown Pizza

 Uncovered: $1,750

Covered: $2,400 (Tenants Only)

Dryden Road Lower Lot

111 Dryden Road

Behind Collegetown Plaza

Enter at 109 Dryden Road, down the long driveway

Uncovered: $1,400

Covered: $1,750

Buffalo Street Lot

705 East Buffalo Street

1/2 block below Eddy Street

Enter at Buffalo & N Quarry Sts.   

Collegetown Court Lot

214 Dryden Road

Covered and Uncovered Spaces

Steep Entrance, unpaved lot


Hilly gravel lot, must try vehicle in space

Aces Apartments Lot

213 Williams Street

Enter at 213 Williams Street

All spaces uncovered, steep lot entrance


Hilly gravel lot, must try vehicle in space

  • LEASE DATES: Typically August 15-August 15. A limited number of other date options are available.
  • YOU MUST SEE THE SPACE BEFORE YOU RENT IT Please visit the lots in person to choose your space..
  • VEHICLE INFORMATION You must provide your vehicle make, model, license plate number as well as your local address, e-mail and telephone number
  • RESPONSIBILITIES Tenant is responsible for ticketing & towing unauthorized cars and snow removal from your own space. Landlord plows driveway areas only, not individual spaces.


  • Aces
  • Court
  • Plaza
  • Center