PARKING PRICES for 2024-25

Parking rates subject to change without prior notice at any time. 

College Avenue Lot
318 College Avenue
Enter under the yellow posts
All spaces uncovered
24-25 Pricing Coming Soon!
Dryden Road Upper Lot
151 Dryden Road
Behind Collegetown Center
Enter at 119 Dryden Road
(Between Wings and Pizza)
24-25 Pricing Coming Soon!
Dryden Road Lower LotBehind Collegetown Plaza
Enter at 109 Dryden Road,
drive down long driveway
24-25 Pricing Coming Soon!
Buffalo Street Lot
705 East Buffalo Street
1/2 block below Eddy Street
Enter at Buffalo and N Quarry St
All spaces uncovered
24-25 Pricing Coming Soon!
Collegetown Court Lot
214 Dryden Road
Covered and Uncovered Spaces
Steep entrance, unpaved lot
24-25 Pricing Coming Soon!
Aces Apartments
213 Williams Street
Enter at 213 Williams Street
All spaces uncovered, steep entrance, gravel lot
24-25 Pricing Coming Soon!
Aces Residents Only
Prices Subject to change at any timeRENT NOW TO SECURE YOUR SPACE AND RATE! Updated November 12, 2023

 Parking Sample Lease

Parking is available to rent as a separate contract. Some sparking lots or spaces are reserved for apartment tenants to choose first, however we do have parking available in our Collegetown lots for not-tenants as well. Please read on for more parking information!

You can see the parking maps for our 3 main parking lots linked below, and there are also video tours of the parking lots (link below).

Parking Lot Video Tours.

  • NEW FOR 2024-2025: ALL Parking lots will be re-numbered for 2024-25! The spaces will be the same, but will have new numbers to prevent any overlapping parking space numbering among the different lots. While the video tours won’t be updated until Summer 2024, we can help match your preferred spaces in the current videos to the new numbering system!
  • LOTS– all parking is in open lots with numbered spaces. Garage parking is not available.
  • MAIN LOCATIONS– we have parking lots on the 100 block of Dryden Road behind Collegetown Plaza and Collegetown Center, the 300 block of College Avenue, and Buffalo Street that will hold over 100 vehicles.
  • SECONDARY LOCATIONS– There are 2 small lots that hold 4 vehicles each at 214 Dryden road and 213 Williams Street, and these are reserved for tenants of specific buildings only.
  • COVERED LOCATIONS– there is very limited availability for covered spaces, and this may be limited to residents of specific buildings.
  • PRICES are posted above. These are the current rates. Parking rates are subject to change at any time. Once you rent and pay for a space, you lock in that rate.  
  • PREMIUM, REGULAR and VALUE parking rates- Most spaces in the lots are Regular price spaces.  Premium spaces are considered the best spaces in the lots. These will be the most preferred spaces in any of the parking lots. Value spaces will have various challenges, such as being next to a retaining wall or post, or be more known for freeloading. You may not rent a Value Space without testing it first. There are no exceptions to this whatsoever. We want you to have a space that works for you and you can’t rent a space next to a wall unless we know that works for you.
  • PAYMENT is due in full at the time of signing. Payment may be made by check, cash, or on the Tenant Portal by ACH transfer, or by credit card with a 3% credit card fee.
  • LEASE DATES: Typically August 15-August 14. An extremely limited number of other date options are available. If you need a different date, we recommend renting immediately.
  • LEASE TERM– all parking leases are for one full year. We do not offer monthly or semester parking rentals.
  • ALL SPACES ARE ASSIGNED meaning you choose a parking space and have a parking lease for that particular space. You do not have rights to park in any other space at any time for any reason.
  • YOU MUST SEE THE SPACE BEFORE YOU RENT IT Please visit the lots in person to choose your space. The easiest way to do this is to come to the office and we can show you a map with the available spaces and you can visit the lots. There is no option to switch spaces later, so be sure the space works for your driving abilities and preferences!
  • VEHICLE INFORMATION needed on parking lease: you must provide your vehicle make, model, license plate number as well as your local address, e-mail and telephone number. If your vehicle information changes during the year, just let us know so we can update our records.
  • VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS Maximum vehicle length is 15 feet. One vehicle is permitted in the parking space.
  • PARKING PERMITS (a hang tag with the space number and expiration date) are required to be displayed in your vehicle, hung from your rear view mirror. These are available at the office when your lease starts.
  • PARKING SPACE ETIQUETTE: Park in the center of your space. Do not crowd your neighbors. Pull all the way in to your parking space. Backing in to your space is recommended.
  • SNOW REMOVAL: snow removal is provided in the driveways (access lanes) only. You are responsible for brushing off your cars, and shoveling out your own personal parking space as needed. Make sure you have a snow brush. Remember that New York State Laws require you to clear the snow from your entire vehicle, not just the windshields.
  • FREELOADING/ ILLEGAL PARKING: Unfortunately, theft of parking spaces, especially by delivery drivers, does happen in the Collegetown neighborhood. The parking lots are clearly marked as permit parking only, but that does not deter everyone. If someone is in your space, it is your responsibility to have them ticketed and towed out of your space. You may not park in another space. If you park in another space, that tenant may have you towed. If you do find someone in your space, first check to see if there is a parking permit for another space as a courtesy. If the office is open, you can check with us also, we may be able to assist. You can call the police non-emergency number for a ticket, and a tow company to remove the vehicle. The ticket and tow will be at the expense of the person parked illegally in your space. This information will be printed on the back of your parking permit.
  • PARKING SUBLETS: Parking sublets are permitted. You must submit a sublet form and transfer the permit. Replacement permits incur a fee of $10. PARKING SUBLET FORM
  • RESPONSIBILITIES Tenant is responsible for ticketing & towing unauthorized cars and snow removal from your own space. Landlord plows driveway areas only, not individual spaces.



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  • Court
  • Plaza
  • Center