2024-2025 Apartment Prices

Prices vary based on demand and availability. For visit each apartment’s web page for up-to-date pricing and any specific unit. 

How to Search for Available Apartments:

Click Below to go to the Available Rentals Search tool. You can also access this tool from any page  by clicking on Available Rentals on the the word Collegetown in the red banner above.

SEARCH TIPS:  Be sure to update the search fields, or you will see a general list of all units, which will include ones that are already rented! Be sure to enter the Available Year and then click Search/View All.

To see prices, click on any unit after you have entered your search requests. Look for the price per month (per person), and the lease start date under the apartment photos. Look for the video tour button above the photos.

 Please refer to each individual unit’s page listing for the current asking price.

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Larger Apartments
& Houses
202 Dryden Rd Apt C
10 bedroom apartment
Shared Apartments210 Dryden Road
8-room suites with shared
kitchens & baths
6 BedroomsCollegetown Plaza$875-995
426 Eddy Street
Aces Apartments
5 BedroomsCollegetown Plaza$990-995
Collegetown Court$930-1,060
4 BedroomsCollegetown Plaza$1,145
Collegetown Court$1,140-1,195
202 Dryden Road$925
3 BedroomsAces Apartments
213 Williams Street
2 BedroomsCollegetown Center$1,485-1,590
Collegetown Plaza$1,450-1,495
210 Dryden Road$1,295
705 East Buffalo St1,275-1,325
1 Bedroom
One Person Only
Collegetown Center$2,095-2,395
Collegetown Plaza$2,095
Collegetown Court$1,695
One Person Only
Collegetown Center$1,695-1,915
Collegetown Plaza$1,595-1,750
Collegetown Court$1,595-1,700
Nov. 28, 2023

  • Aces
  • Court
  • Plaza
  • Center