Tenant Move-Out Information

Tips for moving out:  

LEAVING YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS IN THE APARTMENT: The apartment is yours to use until the end of your lease. If you are moving out and you cannot or are choosing not to take all of your items with you, it will be your responsibility to hire a shipping and storage company to go to your apartment to pack and ship your belongings, if you are unable to return to Ithaca before the end of your lease.

APARTMENT INSPECTIONS: Our staff inspects your apartment for your damage deposit refund after all keys from all tenants have been returned and the apartment is completely vacant. We only inspect empty apartments, typically at the end of the lease. Please contact us at least two weeks in advance for a separate Pre-Inspection, which is an opportunity for you to walk through the apartment with us. This must be requested at least three weeks prior to the end of your lease, or your intended move out date, whichever is earlier, and must be completed at least one week prior to the intended vacancy date.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Deposits are mailed 14 days after your lease end date to the address on the Security Deposit Return Address Form. If you do not turn in a form, checks are sent to the permanent home address we have on file from your Resident Information Form, and may be delayed. SECURITY DEPOSIT RETURN ADDRESS FORM

KEYS: DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN THE APARTMENT! Please place all of your keys in an envelope (key envelopes are available at the Rental Office), making sure that your name, apartment and room number are listed correctly on the envelope, and return the envelope to our office at 118 Prospect Street. If the office is closed, place your envelope in the drop-box in the vestibule just inside the east door. If you have an incoming subtenant, you must mark the subtenant’s name on the envelope. If you do not list a sublet and do not have the proper paperwork filed with the office, we will assume that you have surrendered possession of the apartment and we will not re-issue keys to you or any subtenant. If you do not return your keys, the lock change fee is $100, $20 for each missing proximity tag, and $12 per key for other missing keys.


And one final note about keys: never send keys in a regular envelope though the regular mail. These envelopes get caught in the sorting machines and either get lost entirely or even arrive with a huge tear and the keys missing. Keys should only be sent in a padded envelope or small box.

TRASH/ NON-PERISHABLE FOOD/ ITEMS FOR DONATION: DO NOT LEAVE TRASH OR OTHER ITEMS IN YOUR APARTMENT. You will be charged $30 per bag/ large item if they are left in your apartment. All TRASH (including all open food) should be properly discarded in the appropriate receptacles for your building. If you have unopened non-perishable items or other usable items in good condition, you can bring them to the Rental Office when we are open (Monday-Saturday). We will have donation bins.

MAIL: Ithaca Renting Company cannot forward your mail. Please complete a Mail Forwarding Order online at www.usps.com. If you do not forward your mail with the USPS (post office) or do it incorrectly, your mail will be returned to sender.

SPECTRUM CABLE & CABLE MODEM: www.spectrum.com. You must return your cable box & Road Runner equipment directly to Spectrum, or they will charge you for lost equipment. Do not leave any cable or Internet equipment in your apartment. We are not responsible for equipment you leave behind. Avoid a lost equipment fee by returning all cable or Internet equipment!

Ithaca Renting Internet Service: There is no equipment to return. Your service will automatically end at the end of the lease.

ELECTRICITY: The electric service must remain on and in the tenant’s name for the duration of the lease, unless you completely vacate the apartment and return keys to the office. If you are using the apartment for storage, think you might return, or think you might sublet, you may NOT disconnect your service. Go to www.nyseg.com or call 1-800-572-1111 to schedule your Turn Off Service date. You will need to know your account number. Choose: Turn Off Service. Disconnect the Electric meter only. Select Outside Meter.

ALL LEASES: You are required to leave your electricity on until your lease ends unless you have specific permission from the Rental Office, so you should arrange to turn off service for the end date of your lease.
JULY/AUGUST ENDING LEASES: You may be permitted to turn off service early if you move out early and do not sublet your apartment. Please contact the Rental Office for permission before doing so. You may not disconnect your service until your entire apartment vacates and turns in all keys.

ABANDONED PROPERTY: Any items left in your apartment at the end of your lease, or when the apartment completely vacates, will be considered abandoned and become the property of Ithaca Renting. You may also be charged for their removal and disposal.


Apartment Cleaning Instructions:

  • Dust wooden furniture, wipe out drawers.
  • Vacuum sofa and chairs.
  • Wash around doorknobs, wash smudges from walls.
  • Vacuum all carpeting.
  • Dust windowsills and blinds.
  • Remove all wall hangings from surfaces being careful not to damage surfaces.
  • You will be charged for damaged walls and tape marks or tears. Small push-pin holes are acceptable.
  • Do not attempt to spackle damaged walls yourself.
  • Do not turn off your circuit breakers!
  • Scrub with appropriate cleansers: tub, sink, faucet, and toilet.
  • Scrub shower door and tub thoroughly, using an appropriate non-abrasive cleanser.
  • Clean mirrors using an appropriate product for glass mirrors.
  • Mop or wash the linoleum floor.
  • Clean the insides & outsides of cabinets, shelves and counters.
  • Clean out drawers.
  • Clean freezer and refrigerator compartments (do not use sharp objects to remove ice), inside and out.
  • Empty ice cube trays. Leave refrigerator turned on.
  • Scour and shine stove, clean oven with oven cleaner, wipe off all cleaner residue.
  • Scrub sink, clean microwave.
  • Mop or wash the linoleum floor.
  • Throw out all trash, sort all recyclables, making sure to tag appropriately and to put out on the proper day (Center, Plaza and Court- take to garbage room). You will be charged $30 per bag for removal of trash or other items left in apartment.
  • Double-check everything before you leave.
  • Lock door behind you (both bedroom and apartment doors).
  • Put keys in a marked envelope and return to Rental Office. If the office is closed, use the door slot.
  • Once your keys are returned, you have vacated your apartment. This means you have returned the apartment to us and you no longer are allowed to return to the apartment.
  • If you have a sublet, you MUST mark the envelope with your subtenant’s name and sublet dates.
Remember, any items left behind after return of keys will be considered abandoned and property of Ithaca Renting Company.


  • All Sublets must be registered & approved at the Renting Office. No exceptions.
  • Sublet Request Forms must be filled out completely and turned in at the Renting Office if you sublet or let anyone use your apartment over the summer – even if no money is exchanged.
  • Short-term sublets of less than one month, graduation weekend rentals, and Air BNBs are not permitted.
  • You are required to leave your electricity on at all times, even if you are not here.
  • To save electricity while you are gone, the only thing that should remain on is your refrigerator. Be sure to turn off all lights, air conditioners, etc.
  • You may arrange for auto-bill pay at www.nyseg.com for the summer months so that you don’t miss any bill payments.
  • If you do not pick up your mail the US Postal Service will return it to the sender. Please be sure to forward your mail to prevent this! www.usps.com
  • If you are gone from your apartment for any period of time, remember to turn off lights, appliances, air conditioners, etc.  Always leave the refrigerator plugged in and turned on. Do not turn off your circuit breakers!
  • Be sure to lock your doors & windows!
  • Lower mini-blinds to keep apartment cooler. Close windows to prevent rain & wind damage.
  • Please let the renting office know what your summer plans are in case we need to reach you.
  • During the summer it is very important to take your trash & recycling out in a timely manner. Garbage becomes smelly and attracts bugs quickly in the summer heat!
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